CHRISTIANS, trusts and the council have banded together to raise £50,000 for vital repairs at a Methodist church.

The money has enabled the church to replace various parts of the roof, including the tiles, lining and wooden beam ends.

The roof lining had deteriorated to the extent that light could be seen through the tiles and cold air was getting inside.

Penny Ingles, the church secretary, said: "Over the years all the torching has fallen away. Winters were cold and it was getting damp.

"A surveyor said we have to get something done by next winter. All of the cotswold tiles came off to carry out the repairs.

"We had to have mostly new tiles as they are crumbling around the edges. Not all of the wooden beams needed to be replaced."

The damage became apparent during a £45,000 refurbishment of the church in 2012, when the 30ft ceiling was lowered.

Mrs Ingles, 73, said: "I'm very relieved the repairs are almost complete. It's been a long journey trying to get the money.

"So far we have spent £35,000 plus of the £50,000, which is being spent in phases. We still have to have the church decorated and need guttering."

Mrs Ingles, who has lived in the village since she was 19, wants to thank the St Peter's Church for their support.

The church congregation raised £2,000 to help fund the repairs and Gloucestershire Environmental Trust pledged £15,000.

This was supported by the £10,000 donated by The Saintbury Trust, through St Peter's Church, and a listed place of worship grant totalling £11,000.

The Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust, an Anglican charity, also donated £7,500 to the project.

Cotswold District Council also pledged £5,000, Garfield Weston sent £2,000 and £1,500 was received from the All Churches Trust.

The church was founded in the 1930s by combining three 16th century cottages at the end of a terrace.