PEOPLE in Worcestershire are being called on to sign up to a fundraising event supporting those with multiple sclerosis (MS).

There are about 900 people with MS in the county but a recent poll found more than half of West Midlands residents have no idea what the symptoms of the conditions are.

With about 100 people in the UK diagnosed with the neurological condition every week, the MS Society is asking people across the country to sign up to the month-long ChallengeMS event.

Participants can raise money in any way they chose to support the campaign, which is aiming to raise £125,000 across September to be used for research into treating the disease.

Symptoms of MS are not always obvious to an onlooker but can include extreme fatigue, numbness and tingling, blurring visions, problems with balance and muscle weakness.

MS Society area fundraiser Andy Jarrett said: “We’re encouraging people to sign up to ChallengeMS to find out more about MS and take on a personal challenge during September – whether you decide to quit a habit, take on a creative challenge, enter a race, or simply make a change to your daily life - the choice is yours.”

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