ENTERPRISING youngsters at Swell School have been following in the footsteps of businessman Sir Alan Sugar.

The Year 6 class were given a start-up of £35 and tasked with setting up an enterprise.

They decided to make Elderflower Cordial, Strawberry Jam and cakes and after picking the Elderflowers from the village bushes and picking the strawberries from local patches, they made 42 bottles of cordial, 32 pots of jam and baked sponge cakes, brownies, flapjacks and Mars bar cakes.

Trade was brisk when they sold the home-made produce at the village coffee morning on July 9, and they made more than £200.

The profits will pay for a piece of equipment for the school to leave in their memory when they go off to secondary school in September.

Headteacher Claire Fisher said it was a project for them after sitting their Sats exams.

"They are using their skills they've learns but in a real life situation," she said. "It worked really well. They were very positive about it. They had to work independently, write letters to people. They publicised it, made poster, labels and costing.

"I think it really raised awareness of what's possible and also the breadth of skills you need for the work place which is really important. We are preparing children for life."