MORETON'S county councillor said he was "thrilled" after the last chunk of money needed to carry out the work on Moreton's long-awaited £650,000 flood defence scheme was secured.

As previously reported, a £220,000 grant was awarded by Gloucestershire County Council to the Moreton Flood Alleviation Scheme which will see a new 2km pipeline built to divert water away from the town into the Stow Brook along with extra flood relief culverts.

It is one of 13 proposals for new flood schemes approved by the county council which has announced £758,000 worth of work to protect hundreds of homes from flooding.

A further £148,000 has already been granted for the Moreton Flood Alleviation Scheme by the county council while Cotswold District Council will make up the remaining funding.

Councillor Nigel Moor said he was really pleased with the outcome after working hard to secure the funding for the town since he was elected three years ago.

"Since I was elected in 2011 I've been lobbying the work through the Cotswold Flood Action group to get the extra finance so we can start this autumn," he said.

"I'm thrilled it's been approved, I really am. It's a good example of various levels of local government working together."

Moreton was one of the worst-hit Cotswold communities during the 2007 floods, which devastated hundreds of properties.