CHANTING, beer, suspense, and 22 men chasing a ball – if the World Cup doesn’t interest you, there are a few places that will shelter you from the storm.

Not everyone is into football - when it comes to world football it may be a small percentage, but nevertheless.

For those of you that wish to avoid any of the games, the cameraderie, and the heartache of seeing England lose another cup chance, we’ve put together some alternative ways for you to enjoy the World Cup.

The traditional stance of going to the pub the watch the footie is not something that is going to happen at the Brunswick Arms in St John’s, Worcester, as despite the age old game, they will be serving up a fun-filled bill of pub games without a television in sight.

Landlord Chris Hankins said he was expecting to attract women and families to the pub and wouldn’t be promoting the World Cup at all.

He said: “We don’t have TV screens anywhere in the pub – that atmosphere is not what we want to promote and if you get any rowdy football types in, we’ll tell them to go away.”

The pub, in Malvern Road, already hold quiz nights on Thursdays and has Worcester’s, and possibly the country’s, largest collections of tradition pub games.

Throughout the World Cup there will be ring the bull, the aim being to swing a metal ring which is dangled from the ceiling on a rope on to a metal hook on the wall.

There will also be Crokinole, a dexterity board game similar in various ways to pitchnut, carrom, marbles, and shove ha’penny, with elements of shuffleboard and curling, Irish rings, Evesham quoits, table skittles and dominoes.

“Because we’re child friendly and traditional, the pub doesn’t lend itself to the emotion of the game,” Mr Hankins added.

“There’s a lot of people that are very interested in football, but it is not something everyone is in to.”

The Brunswick Arms will also continue doing food for customers and are expecting to offer couples somewhere to go on the nights games are on so they can gaze in to each others’ eyes rather than at the score.

Detroits in Worcester is also a bar and restaurant bucking the trend, and with the first game due to kick-off at 11pm tomorrow night (Saturday) the American establishment will be midway through a Casino night in its Jailhouse Rock cocktail bar.

The team there do say they may secretly support the USA or even England in the Brazil tournament, but that it wouldn’t get a mention during the festivities. They even have an offer on – if a table is booked before the England vs Italy game tomorrow, they will give you £5 off the bill.

For those of you not looking for a place to eat and drink during the games but still want a bit of competition and excitement, how about a visit to the ol’ Bingo Hall in Foregate Street, and see if your lucky numbers come up (you may be in with a better chance that betting on England).

And for a quieter night, the Vue cinema in Friar Street will not be showing any football or sports-related movies, documentaries, or special screenings, and have declared themselves as a sports-free area.

With the choice of movies available, viewers can pick the kind of emotion they want to feel, rather than the football emotion that could be on the television at home or at one of the nearby establishments.

The Odeon in Foregate Street is also not showing any of the games live from Brazil but are not putting any special restrictions on sports content or fans in the area.

There’s even some great movies available if you don’t even want to brave the city streets to reach the cinema. New for June, Netflix has released a host of new movies and TV shows for all ages.

For the kids who can’t peel their parents away from the game, there’s Disney’s El Dorado, Harriet The Spy, Ever After: A Cinderella Story, and One Direction: Clevver’s Ultimate Fan Guide. For the teens and the adults, there’s World War Z, The Craft, Pretty Little Liars season four, Orange is the New Black season two and Apocalypse Now Redux.

Instead of a movie, there’s always reading. The top summer reads according the Waterstones in The Shambles, Worcester, are Don’t Point That Thing At Me, by Kyril Bonfiglioli (CORR), a book that is soon to become a major film starring Johnny Depp, the return of Bridget Jones in Mad About the Boy, by Helen Fielding, and, what the store believes in the most anticipated book of the summer, the second instalment in the Comoran Strike series by JK Rowling, Silkworm.

The Hive, Worcester’s council hub and joint library, is open until 10pm every night to tuck away in a corner on one of the sofas and indulge in a book.

Or if you really want to lock yourself away, The Malvern Spa offer Twilight sessions, for spa days from 4pm until 9pm, and run all their treatments until 9pm if you just wants to schedule a one-off massage rather than a day or evening spa.

For those practical people, doing a weekly food shop would never be quieter. The 24-hour supermarkets will still be operating their opening hours such as Tesco in Warndon, and the ones with more regular opening times will also serve customers as usual. Tesco in St Peter’s will be open until midnight during weeknight and Saturday-night games,and both Asda in the city centre and Sainsbury’s in Blackpole will be open until 10pm during week-night games and Saturday games.