SHIPSTON residents can now find out what was discussed at town council meetings within a week of it taking place, after members agreed to publish unapproved minutes.

Councillors unanimously voted in favour of a motion to published the minutes on the council's website within seven working days after full council meetings, at last night's meeting (Monday).

The minutes would be replaced by an approved version following the next town council meeting, once councillors had agreed on them.

The move was hailed a "victory for transparency " by Shipston district councillor Jeff Kenner who tweeted after the meeting.

Councillor Martin Ferrier, who proposed the motion, said: "This proposal effectively reduced the time from six weeks to one week for the electorate to see the minutes of a meeting.

"There are several other councils which do a similar sort of process of publishing unapproved minutes. It doesn't require much extra effort.

"I've spoken to several residents and they are all in favour of this on the grounds of having more openness on what the town council does."