CHILDREN and teachers at a Cotswold school were transformed into real life scarecrows as part of a week-long event before half term.

Last month, Blockley CofE Primary School organised its first 'Scarecrow' Week where children built a bid scarer of their choice and enjoyed a week of scarecrow-related activities.

About 30 creations adorned the school playground, forest area and school corridors which parents and carers were invited to tour and view the display.

Pupils and staff dressed up in a variety of Scarecrow related costumes ready for the Scarecrow judging and the week ended with the launch of a writing competition inspired by the week's activities.

Headteacher Linda Jeffcut said everyone enjoyed the week which was a first for them.

"They absolutely loved it," she said. "Unfortunately the weather wasn't so kind but the scarecrows didn't seem to mind, we moved some of them indoors so they were all nicely warm and protected.

"It offered the children lots of design elements and appealed to them because they were allowed to choose their own scarecrow personality and character.

"We invited lots of people in the community to take part , it was a lovely team building not only with the classes but the whole school and the community as well."

Many of the scarecrows will now be used at the Blockley Horticulture Show in August.