THOUSANDS of people crowded on to Dover's Hill in Chipping Campden for the 402nd Cotswold Olimpicks.

Also known as Robert Dover's Games, the event attracted about 3,000 people on Friday night who crammed into the lower arena to see all the usual favourites including tug o'war, sack races and the infamous shin kicking.

The games were followed by a torch-lit procession into Campden and live music in the square.

Chairman Graham Greenall said despite the wet weather leading up to the games, they still had a great turnout.

"The games went pretty well, with the way the weather we've had there were no real problems," he said. "The arena was less crowded than normal. Because of the weather the top was absolutely heaving.

"The weather was so wet running up to it. Thursday night we had an absolute downpour so the banks was a little bit wet. It was on a par with previous years."

He said this year's lighting, sound and music following the games was "phenomenal".

"All in all the event in the square was absolutely phenomena," he said. "The way the stage was set up and the lights and sound system was one of the best. The music was great as well."

But he added they still needed volunteers to keep the games going for future generations.

"We still need lots more volunteers for next year and the years to come. It's an ongoing interest," he said.

Anyone who would like to volunteer should contact Mr Greenall on 07967 442492.