PEOPLE are being invited to find out about the award-winning work that has been carried out along a stretch of water in Worcestershire.

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust’s Bow Brook project recently won the Value for Money Project category at the inaugural England River Prize, organised by the River Restoration Centre and the Environment Agency.

Peter Case, one of the Water and Wetlands Officers responsible for the project, is leading a walk to demonstrate some of the work that has been carried out along the Local Wildlife Site over the last three years.

“This is a unique opportunity to visit several key sites that aren’t usually accessible to the general public," he said. "The work we’ve been doing to restore the habitat and improve the quality along the Bow Brook has been a major project for us for the last three years.

“The Bow Brook is a significant watercourse for the county – rising near Redditch and reaching the Avon near Defford – so the work we’ve been doing with landowners affects a lot of people and a lot of wildlife.”

The walk includes a guided tour of a number of key sites which will look at the large-scale wetland creation works that have taken place along with examples of efforts to improve the biodiversity of the catchment including the creation of both fish habitats and wildflower meadows.

It also includes a pub lunch at the Crown Inn, in Peopleton.

“We’ll be out for almost a whole day looking at various sites in depth," added Mr Case. "We are delighted that landowners in Huddington, Peopleton and Drakes Broughton are allowing us to take members of the public onto their land to learn more about our work.”

The walk takes place on Tuesday, July 1 from 10am and 4pm and booking is essential.

It costs £20 and includes lunch. For details and to book call Mr Case on 01905 754919 or email