AFTER riding 1,200 miles from Spain to Bourton on a customised Tandem bicycle, a team of four intrepid fundraisers have made it back in one piece to a rapturous homecoming.

Tony Hughes, aged 32, and Kevin Goodwill, 26, of Bourton, left Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, on Thursday, May 8 on their Hobgoblin Tandem with James Hicks, 27, and Michael Morris in the support vehicle.

The friends braved thunderstorms, intense Spanish heat, high altitude and were even chased by dogs as they made their way through three countries and the Pyrenees Mountains.

They returned to The Kingsbridge Inn, Bourton, on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed a round of applause as they cycled down the high street to a welcome home party.

Mr Hughes, who is the landlord of the Kingsbridge Inn, said he was overwhelmed to be home and by the response from the community.

"People were living the streets, there was bunting everywhere," he said. "We had two horse and carts with flags on. I think it's stilling hitting us we're back and we've done it."

Mr Hughes, who rode on the tandem customised by Hobgoblin, WychWood Brewery, said the challenge was harder than he first thought.

"It had it's ups and downs," he said. "The Pyrenees was the hardest things I've ever done in my life. It wasn't just the roads that were dangerous.

"We got chased by dogs, I got bitten on the leg by one. There were all kinds of dangers, heat, rain. "There was one day we were actually peddling down hill because we were losing speed because the tarmac was so hot."

But despite the conditions and the 36kg bike they had to contend with, he said it was a great experience.

"The first summit we hit on the three peaks of the Pyreneesat 6,400ft, we were next to Andora Ski resort," he said. "Looking down at the clouds and there was snow all around you. It was just amazing."

The team's efforts have raised more than £7,000 for Stow-based Kate's Home Nursing, which provides care for people in the final stages of a terminal illness through fundraising events and the amount they hope will be match-funded by Marston's brewery.

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