THOUSANDS turned out for a rather soggy Stow Fair in what could be the last time the traditional event is held in its current place.

Travelling and gypsy folk from around the country turned out for the twice-yearly event today (Thursday) held in the field near Maugersbury Road.

Market stalls were bustling despite the rain and thick mud with many people meeting with old friends, munching on hot dogs and buying and selling horses.

However, the venue for the October event is still in doubt as plans to build a doctors surgery, 10 houses and 300-space car park on the field are set to be submitted to Cotswold District Council (CDC) any day now.

Nelly Mary Evans, aged 25, who had come from Cheshire with her family and three young children, said: "We come twice a year. My dad comes to sell a few horses. I like to chat to different people.

"We thought it wasn't going to be here this time. It's better for it to be here. It's been here for years. I hope it stays here."

Mary Walker and her son Billy, five, had some up for the day from Leicester.

"It's just a traditional thing to do," she said. "My older lad's been here a few days. It's just a nice thing to do."

SamBradshaw, who came up from the Heathrow area with two cobs and a trotter horse, said the fair was good way to meet people.

"It's nice up here," he said. "People are friendly and if the weather is good it's brilliant. You meet lovely people."

Visitor Polly Hurley, of Folkingham, Lincolnshire, said she visits every May with her husband to admire the horses.

"The people are friendly and wonderful to talk to," she said. "The horses are in a marvellous condition, they are fantastic. You wouldn't find better horses."