ALMOST one in ten women in the West Midlands have been cheated on by their partners, with 37-year-old nurses the most likely to discover their partners have been unfaithful.

A survey by discount website found that nine per cent of women in the region have been victims of an affair – the fourth highest in the country.

The region was behind the South East and Scotland with the North East topping the survey where a whopping 22 per cent of women – more than one in five – saying they had been cheated on.

The survey also found the average age women were cheated on was 37, with nurses the most likely to find their husband, partner or boyfriend had been unfaithful, followed by teachers or school workers, stay-at-home mothers, retail workers and receptionists.

George Charles from said he was surprised to discover younger women were not the most at risk of being cheated on.

“Whilst it is absolutely no excuse, it is possible that as a result of their long working hours and regular overnight shifts, nurses may be more prone to having a partner that strays.”

The survey also found 34 per cent of women polled confessed they were still in a relationship with a partner that had previously cheated on them, with 59 per cent believing they would never hurt them in that way again.