CONCERNED residents fear their town's infrastructure will be pushed "to breaking point" if plans for up to 250 new homes are approved.

People living in Moreton say they fear gridlock if the plans to build on surplus land at the Fire Service College, in London Road, are approved.

The owner of the Fire Service College, Capita, has submitted outline plans to Cotswold District Council for up to 250 homes on surplus space at the London Road site.

But with a further application for 140 homes on land off Todenham Road being discussed by the district council next week, residents say it is too much.

Concerns were made loud and clear at an extraordinary meeting of the town council in Redesdale Hall on Tuesday evening.

Town council chairman Ali Coggins said the town’s infrastructure is “woefully low” and will not be able to absorb the levels of development being proposed.

“The district doesn’t need more houses, Moreton certainly doesn’t," she said. "The increase in traffic will put enormous pressure on the Todenham Road.

"The development will fundamentally and detrimentally alter the character of Moreton.”

One resident at the meeting told councillors: "It’s quite obvious that Moreton has expanded quite dramatically over the last few years by 25 to 30 per cent with the current building going on.

“If this goes through the population will increase by another 50 to 60 per cent in a very short period of time.”

Others questioned whether there would be any improvements to roads or increased school provision, with one saying: "At the moment, we're at breaking point."

David Maxwell, a planning consultant representing the Fire Service College, told the meeting the site had already been earmarked as a potential site for development by the district council.

“The Fire Service College site will reduce the need for release of greenfield sites,” he said. “This application is for previously developed brownfield land.

Members of the town council voted unanimously to oppose the housing plans for the Fire Service College site after a public vote was taken at the meeting.

However, the town council is supporting another application from Capita for up to 9,500 sq metres of employment development on the same site.

Cllr Coggins said: “We’re really in support of this application and welcome the employment opportunities in the town.”

Both of Capita's applications will be considered by Cotswold District Council at a later date.