TWO teenage boys were left to walk home after a bus driver refused to let them on board with their scooters.

Brothers Henry and Charles Webb, from Chipping Norton, had caught the bus from CrownGate bus station in Worcester to Perdiswell park and ride so they could spend the day at the skatepark.

But when they went to catch a return bus home, a different driver refused to let them back on board, leaving them with no option but to walk or scoot all the way back to the home of their father, Steve Webb.

Mr Webb has complained to Worcestershire County Council, which runs the park-and-ride bus service.

The council says due to concerns about passenger safety it is up to the driver whether or not to allow scooters on board.

But Mr Webb, of St Mark’s Close, says there’s no difference between the scooters and pushchairs or shopping trolleys.

Henry, 15, and Charlie, 13, bought a £1 return on Tuesday, April 15.

But when they tried to board the 6.30pm bus back to the city centre, they were not allowed on with the scooters and were forced to make their own way home.

Mr Webb, 57, said: “I use buses all the time and you get big pushchairs on the bus and you get people with lots of big shopping bags. What’s wrong with a scooter?”Aspokesman for Worcestershire County Council said: “The council places the safety of all its passengers as paramount.

As a result of previous incidents, passengers with scooters, skateboards or roller skates are carried at the individual driver’s discretion.

“Anybody boarding a bus with a scooter must ensure it is folded and stowed away safely. If stowed,the scooter must be secure and not be liable to endanger passengers in the event of an emergency stop. If the scooter does not fold, then the decision will remain with the driver who will take into account the risk to other passengers.”