A BOOKSHOP in Moreton is celebrating its change of name with an exclusive book reading this weekend.

Christmas Birds & Books, which opened in Old Market Way just off the High Street, last October, has changed its name to Books Yule Love.

To officially launch the new name, Warwick-based children's author Simon Cheshire will be at the shop tomorrow at 11am reading extracts from his new work, Swarm, for the first time.

Shop owner Richard Kemp said they changed the name because having Christmas in the title meant they were being seen as a seasonal shop.

"We found people would just see us a Christmas shop and didn't realise it's a book shop," he said. "The word Christmas has been really problematic. When we opened people also thought we were a pop up shop and at Christmas people only thought we did Christmas books.

"Books Yule Love is all about love of reading. We wanted to create this feeling it's not a library, it's a real pleasant place to come into.

"We're trying to get more young readers so they feel the bookshop is part of their everyday life and not intimidating."