A GROUP of six new paramedics with West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) are to star in a 15-part documentary series on BBC1.

The first episode of First Time on the Frontline will be broadcast on Monday, April 28 and follows new members of the police, ambulance, lifeboat and mountain rescue services as they embark on their new careers.

Sam Dupelssis Grimson, Ben Pallante and Kelly Wilkes from WMAS’ Erdington hub in east Birmingham, Maya Black from Henrietta Street station in Birmingham, Julie Plante from Dudley and Warwick-based Mark Edwards will all feature on the series.

Sam, who features on the first episode, said he was pleased viewers would be given an insight into what he and his colleagues do.

“Given I am at the start of my career it was a bit nerve wracking but we were supported by our much more experience colleagues every step of the way,” he said.

“Knowing your every move is being filmed is a bit nerve wracking but you just get on with the job of helping patients first and foremost.”

Mark said he enjoyed the experience of filming.

“When my Dad found out I was going to become a paramedic he told everyone, so what he’ll do when he sees me on the telly I am really not sure,” he said.

“I know he’s immensely proud of me doing this job so I am sure he’ll be impressed when he sees me on screen.”

The series’ producer Julian Dismore said he was pleased to be able to be able to showcase the work of some positive role models.

“Seeing young professional emergency services personnel responding to 999 calls and saving lives must be a good thing.”

Last year the service took on 65 graduate paramedics and 160 student paramedics and is recruiting 50 more graduates and 250 students this year.

WMAS recruitment advisor Louise Harris also features in the programme and said she was pleased the new recruits’ hard work would be on show.

“We are very lucky that we get applicants from every part of the region as well as further afield,” she said.

“Every community is represented which is exactly what we want; we want our workforce to represent the people we serve.

“These programmes give you just a hint of the fulfilling career that our staff get as paramedics.

“When they say that they never know what they will get every time they are on duty, they really mean it.”

The programme is shown at 11.30am on BBC1 every weekday before being repeated at 7.15am on BBC 2 the following weekday morning.