A PRIMARY school in Moreton was transformed in to an art gallery for the day as part of a special project.

The upper junior pupils at St. David’s Primary School held a successful art exhibition in what was the culmination of their topic ‘Art Gallery’.

Each class visited the Celia Lendis Gallery, in the High Street, where they learn how an art exhibition was created, promoted and displayed.

Armed with ideas, they embarked on a world of discovery finding out about artists and art movements such as Renaissance, Impressionism, Abstract and Pop art before creating their own pieces.

They even sent out invitations and created prices, labels and art catalogues before mounting the works in a display for parents and visitors to view.

Kate Seaward, parent and school governor, said: "The art work is wonderful, very detailed and the exhibition is a success.

"You can clearly see how the children have progressed in their skills as you look across the class displays."

Headteacher Faye Hemin added: "Staff and pupils would like to thank Celia and Carol from Celia Lendis Gallery for their valuable time and information and the parents and visitors for purchasing the art works from the exhibition."