VALE residents are being warned about a scam that can allow fraudsters to gain access to their computer.

The bogus caller - who rings from a fake number claiming to be from Microsoft Windows - asks for people to switch their computer on and enter a code so they can gain remote access to their machine.

They claim an application or programme on the computer is causing problems for Windows and they can fix it.

A woman, who helps with a silver surfers group in Evesham, said she had three calls of this kind reported to her, one in Broadway and two in Evesham, and had received a call herself only yesterday (Wednesday).

The resident, who did not want to be named, said: "It's an absolute rip off this thing. Once they've got the control of your keyboard they can wipe everything out. They can do a lot of damage.

"Once you put this code in, it gives them the right to take over your display. Then they can clear all your files, go through your bank details, everything. People must be aware they mustn't do it. "

The resident said people must be aware of calls from the number 0203 129 1891 as this is a fake number and does not work.

"I phoned BT and they say it's a scam and it's a false number," she added. "It's come from overseas. It's quite worrying."