DOG fouling and litter are "getting worse" in Moreton, according to councillors.

Members of the town councillor discussed the issue at Monday night's meeting after it was raised by residents.

Councillor Tom Lewis, chairman of parks and amenities committee, said: "I think it's a real issue in this town. Litter and dog fouling seems to be getting worse despite signs and bins.

"We will continue to debate the subject I think. Until we ratchet up enforcement little is going to improve.

Enforcement I think is the only way forward to get on top of this problem.

"It's very regrettable and it's a real shame in a place like Moreton we've got to deal with it."

Chairman Ali Coggins said: "Enforcement will be down to public intelligence and photos."

PC Sarah Crawford said the issue was not specific to Moreton but was happened in other towns and villages in the area.

"It's a small minority of people," she said. "We don't enforce dog fouling, it's for the dog wardens."

Bob McNally,  spokesman for Cotswold District Council, said their Environmental Wardens carry out regular patrols around the Moreton area and elsewhere in the district to tackle dog fouling.

"To help them focus their attention it is always useful for the wardens to know where and when regular offenders are active and they are always grateful to the public when they help in identifying negligent owners  and then make a witness statement," he said.

"Armed with this information, the Wardens can issue penalty notices - the fine is £75 if they catch people not clearing up after their dogs and this rises to a £1,000 if the offenders are prosecuted.

"The message we send out to dog owners regarding fouling  is very clear - pick it up and dispose of it properly  using a dog litter bin, litter bin or take it home."