A DEVASTATED couple are appealing for the return of “irreplaceable” family memories stolen during a raid on their business.

Lewis and Helen Dyer were horrified when they found their business, The Garage, in Hospital Road, Moreton, had been broken into when they arrived to open up.

Thieves had broken in through a steel door, causing damage, and stole a safe containing several hundred pounds.

But the couple were most upset to discover their laptop, containing treasured family photographs, had also been taken.

They discovered the break-in when they arrived at the garage last Wednesday morning.

The couple, who have two sons, aged five and three, were looking forward to celebrating the garage’s first anniversary that night, but instead had to spend it clearing up and repairing the door.

Mr Dyer, aged 24, who has been working hard over the last year with his wife, 23, to get the business up and running, said the theft of the laptop was the worst thing to deal with.

“It wasn’t very nice, you think you’re safe but obviously not,” he said. “We’re not worried about anything else but that, everything else is replaceable.”

His mother-in-law, Pam Newman, said she would offer a small financial reward for the return of the laptop or any information.

“Unfortunately it contains all of their wedding photographs and everything from the day their children were born,” she said.

“It’s absolutely worthless to anyone else, it will get sold for £20 or chucked in the hedge, but if anybody can shed any light on it whatsoever, we would be so grateful.

“It’s just a very sad time. They took the garage over a year ago from the previous owner and have just been trying to make a go of it.

“Hopefully it will make them stronger and more vigilant but it’s just so tragic for everybody concernedthat this sort of thing is happening.”

Gloucestershire Police spokesman Simon Masters said said the break-in happened between 6pm on Tuesday, April 8, and 8am on Wednesday, April 9.

“The offenders got into the garage through the main front doors and removed an 18in by 18in safe containing several hundred pounds and a black Compaq Presario laptop,” he said.

Anyone with information can call 101 quoting incident 69 of April 9.