STAFF, councillors and members of the armed forces gathered in the Cotswold District Council chamber to say farewell to Rosemary Lynn who is leaving after 16 years.

The Sustainable Communities and Housing Service Head was given a rousing send off on Monday and praised by many councillors and members of staff.

They spoke highly of Ms Lynn and her team who have raised £125,000 for community-based projects in the last year alone, including measures to help integrate military personnel into the local community.

She has also raised the profile of dementia and had taken action to help set up memory clubs and promote awareness generally.

Ms Lynn, who joined the Council in 1998 as a Training and Development Officer then promoted to Community, Health and Housing Manager, will now be pursuing valuable work in the community.

She is also looking forward to linking up with the Council again as part of her new responsibilities.

“I’ve worked with excellent people both internally and externally and my current team is just fabulous," she said. "I think we’ve achieved some great things between us that have made a difference in people’s lives and I’m confident that the spirit and ethos of what we do will be in safe hands with them.”