TRADE unionists will be taking to the streets of Worcester on Saturday as part of two weeks of action working to raise pay and living standards.

Members of Worcester Trade Union Council will be in Angel Place throughout the morning in support of the Trade Union Congress’ Fair Pay Fortnight, arguing that wages are failing to keep pace with increases in costs of energy food and housing.

Leader of Worcester Trades Union Council Pete McNally said shoppers will be asked to sign a petition asking politicians to take action to fight the problem.

“On average workers in the West Midlands have lost more than £2,500 since 2009 and many people are trapped in low-paid and insecure jobs.

“The coalition’s budget with pennies off beer and bingo was a patronising insult to ordinary people.

“What we need are all jobs paid at least the living wage and an end to the scourge of temporary and zero hours contracts.

“Economic recovery will only take off when everybody believes they are in secure employment and benefiting equally from our economy.”

Similar action is being taken across the West Midlands and will culminate in a summit at Birmingham Town Hall on Friday, April 4.