CREATIVE pupils from a school in Moreton got international recognition for their artwork after they were runners up in an international competition.

Year 6 pupils George Barber, Milly Drinkwater, Anna Cook and Zahra Chamberlain, took part in the David Shepherd Global Canvas Exhibition It's Our World, which was open to school pupils up to 14-years-old.

The youngsters had to create paintings of extinct or endangered animals in the annual competition which encourages young people to express their concern for the environment and endangered species.

It is part of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s Art for Survival programme which was established in 2004.

They went down to London to last week to see their work displayed at the National History Museum and even got to meet Mr Shepherd.

Headteacher Claire May said: "It's a really big competition, they had 2,500 entries, it was pretty amazing. The children were really excited. It just gives meaning to their work and recognises that what they do is good. Their art work is excellent."