THREE wards at Worcestershire Royal Hospital remain closed to visitors due to an outbreak of norovirus.

The acute stroke unit, acute medical unit and Avon 3 are closed, but all other wards as well as Kidderminster Hospital and Redditch’s Alexandra Hospital are now open as normal.

Chief nursing officer Lindsey Webb said: “Patient safety is our priority and we take any risk of infection very seriously, taking steps where necessary to prevent the spread of infection.

“We are very aware of the impact visiting restrictions can have on patients and families.

“However, we took the difficult decision to close our sites to visitors as a way of preventing the spread of norovirus.

“We’d like to say thank you to everyone who supported us and helped us to control the situation, and we can assure the public we will continue to be vigilant.”

To avoid the spread of norovirus visiting on the three affected wards is restricted to two people at a time.

Those who have experienced sickness, diarrhoea or any other illness in the last 48 hours are asked to stay away and any concerns about cleanliness standards on wards should be reported as soon as possible.

Hand gel should also be used and drips, wounds and catheters should not be touched.

Visitors are also asked not to sit on beds and those who work in dirty or dusty environments are asked to change their clothes before visiting.

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