A DOG walker had a lucky escape when he had to be rescued by firefighters after becoming trapped up to his knees in mud.

The man became stuck in the mud as he crossed a field in Moreton that is popular with both joggers and dog walkers.

The delicate operation to free him took more than an hour, and others are now being warned to take care to ensure they do not suffer a similar mishap.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service was called by a member of the public just after 5pm on Saturday to Dulverton Place.

One crew from Moreton attended the incident and a water rescue team from the station spent more than an hour freeing the man from the mud using specialist rescue equipment including a ‘floating pathway’.

Journal reader Camille Peters watched the incident unfold from her window at home off Todenham Road.

She warned others to be careful when walking across the field, which is between her house and a new housing development.

She said: “The developers have recently been repairing a culvert discharging storm waterinto a ditch in the middle of the field. Where the excavations have been back filled with wet sub-soil, a man had walked into the area and become stuck to above his knees.

“This is a warning for all, particularly as this field is a very popular area used frequently by dog walkers and runners.”

The man, who has not been identified, was unharmed.

She said: “He walked away from the scene with the fire crew and appeared safe and well.”