COTSWOLD MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has made an urgent call to Thames Water to invest more in the sewerage network in the Cotswolds.

During the Managing Flood Risk debate in the House of Commons on Monday, he urged OFWAT, the Water Regulator, to ensure that Thames Water invests into the outdated sewer network throughout the Cotswolds, including Moreton.

He also said it was “outrageous” that Thames Water would be increasing bills by between £70 and £80 for customers in the Cotswolds to pay for London’s Thames Tideway Tunnel, yet they are not providing the investment to upgrade the sewerage system in the Cotswolds.

In his speech Mr Clifton-Brown also highlighted the risk of building new developments in flood-risk areas.

"On new developments, we have, unfortunately, seen a rash of developers in my constituency," he said. "I accept that we all need new houses because the population is rising, but we need new houses in the right areas.

"If we build houses on floodplains we cannot complain when we get subsequent problems."

Speaking after the debate, he said: “It is of vital importance that urgent works take place as soon as it is dry enough to do so.

"Flooding this year follows floods last year and many years prior to that. This is not a new problem and both Thames Water and the Environment Agency should have taken more action before now.

"I call on them to work together to tackle the problems and to make sure the right level of investment is put into the Cotswolds.”

Ahead of the debate, Mr Clifton-Brown had a meeting with Thames Water on February 13 about his concerns which they said they would look into.

The MP, who has served the Cotswolds for more than 20 years, is holding his next set of public flood meetings on Friday, April 4 in the Moreton Area Centre from 4.15pm to 5.45pm.

Representatives from all the agencies will be invited including Thames Water and the Environment Agency.