PEOPLE across the Cotswolds and the Vale had a flipping good time celebrating Shrove Tuesday this week.

Year 3 children at Swell Primary have been learning about the connection with pancake day to Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent and have been very busy making, tossing and enjoying pancakes.

Over at Blockley School, children enjoyed weighing out ingredients and making pancakes as part of their mathematics studies.

Headteacher Linda Jeffcut said: "They did some really fun tossing of the pancakes and the best thing of all was they got to eat them.

"They absolutely loved it, they were really thrilled and were looking forward to going home and eating more pancakes."

Youngsters at Blockley Nursery School also practiced their skills at flipping pancakes.

Over the county border, children at Winchcombe Farm Day Nursery, in Upper Tysoe, near Shipston, celebrated Shrove Tuesday by holding pancake races in the nursery playground.

Winchcombe Farm Day Nursery Manager Rachel Giorgio said they also had pancakes for supper in nursery with the children trying a variety of savoury and sweet toppings.

Meanwhile, customers enjoyed seeing their pancakes flipped in front of them at Wayside Farm shop and tearoom, in Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford.

The event on Tuesday raised £350 for the Maggie's Centre, in Cheltenham, which provides support for people and their families with cancer.

Farmshop owner Elspeth Robertson, who lost her long-term partner Fin to cancer last year, said: "It was absolutely brilliant. I think we got through 12 litres of batter and made about 200 pancakes.

"The tea room was full all day."