A BY-election has been called in Shipston following the resignation of long-serving councillor of 10 years, Alan Noyce.

Thirteen residents have called for a by-election to replace him, which was confirmed at the last town council meeting.

But deputy Mayor Philip Vial has criticised the decision because it will mean a by-election will be held just 13-months before the full town council elections in May next year.

He said a recent by-election, cost £3,000 pounds, after the resignation of two other councillors.

"This is another £3,000 that could've gone on Council Tax reductions or on supporting local organisations that have seen their funding stripped by the cuts of the past few years," he said.

"Democracy is important, but this is a waste of a very small council's budget - and will have a significant impact on our ability to support local services and organisations in the future."

He added the Town Council has the power of co-option and could have selected someone to see out the remaining year of the council.

People now have until Friday, March 7 to nominate themselves as a potential candidate.

If nominations are received from two or more people there will be a by-election on Thursday, April 3.