A PUB near Chipping Norton has made it into the March edition of a luxury travel magazine.

The Kingham Plough is listed in a feature about 'The Best British Pubs with Rooms' in the Condé Nast Traveller magazine, which is out now.

The pub is described as: "The kind of place where if you’d had one too many but forgotten to book a

room, they wouldn't kick you out.

"The owners are fiercely proud of the pub’s surroundings and have strong links with local farmers (once a year the car park is transformed into a big food-filled market drawing a crowd of thousands)."

Its breakfast is described as "bliss" with "excellent freshly-ground coffee" and the pub's selection of liquor is highly praised.

"The selection of booze is impressive, including Cotswolds Gin and almost every beer and cider imaginable," it said. "But you won’t get too sozzled as bar snacks are taken very seriously.

"Pork scratchings, venison salami, sausage rolls, and huge ploughman’s (you are told exactly where each type of cheese and ham comes from)."

In 2007 Emily opened the pub with her husband, Miles, and since then she has featured on The Hairy Bikers and Tom Kerridge’s ‘Proper Pub Food’.

She said: "It was a huge honour to have been featured in the Conde and Nast guide, we are immensely proud of what we do and the team who works tirelessly to produce the excellent bar and a la carte food, keep up the beautiful bedrooms and serve with a smile on all occasions.

"It is recognition like this, and the happy customers in the building which makes it such a rewarding business to work in, especially with their hours we all work."

Last year, the executive chef competed to represent the South West in Great British Menu and was very proud to be awarded 10 out of 10 for her main course, ‘Shoot Lunch’.