ALMOST a year since it opened, the owner of Stow’sVisitor Information Centre will finally get his hands on some muchneeded funding.

Andy Collier, who owns the Cotswold Cricket Museum in Brewery Yard, Sheep Street, with his wife, Marian, opened the new facility last March following the closure of the previous Go-Stow service in 2012.

They have had to cover the start-up costs themselves because of a delay in the payment of a £10,000 grant from Cotswold District Council.

But Stow Town Council says it should now be able to access the money as Mr Collier has set up a not-for-profit company, Stow Information Ltd.

Councillor Sue Green said half of the money will be given to Mr Collier immediately to cover start-up costs, with the rest coming for further projects.

“I think thanks really need to go to Andy Collier for the past 12 months without any financial support,” she said.

Mr Collier is pleased to finally have the money coming in.

“It’s been a rollercoaster ride,”

he said. “Anything is gratefully received.

“It’s been a great learning curve. We’ve done pretty well, we’ve brought in well over £20,000 worth of accommodation into Stow.”

The Cricket Museum recently appeared on BBC2’s Antique Road Trip after celebrity antiques expert Charlie Ross visited with his film crew.

“Charlie Ross is a big cricket fan. He loved it, he could have stayed there all week,” said Mr Collier. “I’ve had a great reaction to it. People have been phoning and emailing.

“I’ve even heard since the show from a guy I went to school with back in 1976.”