PLANS to build a new retail store and three flats on the site of Pettiphers Garage in Shipston have not been supported by the town council.

Stratford District Council is currently considering the application for the demolition of existing garage building and canopy in Church Street to make way for a retail store on the ground floor and three two-bedroom flats on the first floor.

It is a revision to a similar development proposed for the site which was approved in March 2012, which was backed by the town council.

But at Monday night's meeting, members objected to the plans over concerns over traffic and parking.

Councillor Melanie Trapp said she was concerned about the plans.

"There's not enough parking out there in front of the building for whatever retail unit it may be," she said. "They've only put one parking space per flat. Where they are going to put the lorries to do the deliveries I think is really dangerous and is right on a junction. It's not safe."

Councillor Ian Cooper agreed.

"I think if we are raising an objection we should include something about how many parking spaces you need for that size of store."

Councillor Jackie Warner said she was also worried about road safety.

"I think it's an accident waiting to happen," she said. "I'm not prepared to sanction that", she said.

Deputy Mayor Philip Vial added: "I think the main difference [between this and the previous application] with parking is the way the articulated lorries will go in and go out."

Speaking during the public session, resident Nicholas Watts, of Church Street, said: "While I'm not objecting to change and evolution to buildings in architectural terms, the number of parking spaces proposed for the retail shop premises are not sufficient."

Members voted to oppose the plans on highways grounds with nine in favour and one abstention.