INJURED army captain Guy Disney has returned from a freezing trek to the South Pole alongside Prince Harry into the warm embrace of his friends and family.

Capt Disney, of Laverton, near Broadway, whose right leg was amputated after his vehicle was blown up in Afghanistan, is getting used to life back home after taking part in the South Pole Allied Challenge last month.

The 31-year-old, whose family home is in Guiting Power, was one of 12 injured soldiers who trekked to the South Pole with Harry, the patron of the Walking with the Wounded charity.

Capt Disney told the Journal that despite the conditions the experience had been amazing, especially walking in the footsteps of great explorers like Sir Ernest Shackleton.

“It’s an incredible thing to do, especially with all the heritage.

“It’s very like soldiering, you just get on with the job.”

His team skied for about nine hours every day, with short breaks for food every two hours.

Their first job of the day would be to melt snow for drinking water and cooking.

The tough conditions, high altitudes and temperatures as cold as minus 45C took their toll on some members and 70 miles into the trek, it was decided to suspend the race element of the challenge.

Capt Disney credited double-amputee and tent buddy Duncan Slater as his inspiration to carry on. “Watching what he did was pretty spectacular,” he said. “It gave me a desire not to fail.

He also said that Prince Harry was a central part of the team. “He is very much a normal guy.

“He gives us a huge amount of exposure having him involved.

“He loved doing it as much we all did.”

When asked if he would consider another trip, he said: “Crossing Greenland would be good.”