SEVEN Trent is being taken to court after tap water in Worcestershire was found to be contaminated.

The water giant is going to have to defend itself before magistrates after most of Broadway, near Evesham, was affected by discoloured water in 2012.

A pipe from a treated water reservoir failed, resulting in a team of engineers having to work around the clock for three days from Thursday, November 21 2012.

A national watchdog called the Drinking Water Inspectorate is now taking action, suggesting the body “supplied water that was unfit for human consumption”.

The inspectorate alleges the contamination means Severn Trent breached the Water Supply Regulations Act 2000.

Severn Trent had to flush out the water pipes for 72 hours at the time of the incident, but said sewage had not entered the system.

All the customers affected by it were sent letters, and bottled water was dished out to some properties after complaints.

The court case will get underway at Coventry Magistrates Court on Monday at 2pm.