FOUR homes in Evesham and Pershore were broken into in a series of burglaries over the New Year period.

A man returned to his home in South Littleton, near Evesham, after a few days away to find burglars had smashed a window at the back of the house and stolen nearly £6,500 worth of electrical equipment.

Two large Pioneer flat screen TVs, an Iphone 4S, a 15” Macbook computer, Spendor SP1 speakers and a pair of Quad 11L speakers were taken sometime between 1pm on Monday, December 30 and 9.30pm on Friday, January 3.

There was also £250 of damage caused to a window and gate at the property.

Burglars also broke into a house in Evendine Road, Evesham, between 10am and 3pm on Friday, January 3 by smashing a window in the conservatory door at the back of the property.

About £1,000 in cash was taken along with a British Empire medal and a ROSPA clip on bronze driving award ribbon with about 50 further decorative ceremonial ribbon bars.

Jewellery including diamond rings, gold bracelets, diamond stud earrings, watches, cufflinks, tie pins and tie clips worth more than £5,000 were also taken.

Between 12.30pm and 1.30pm on the same day, someone broke into a property in Pershore Road, Evesham, by smashing a window in the front door of a property.

One of the householders who was upstairs heard the noise and called out and the person immediately left by the same door and nothing was taken.

Again on the same day, between 1pm and 1.50pm someone broke into a house in Ongrils Close, Pershore, by smashing the window in a door.

They searched a cupboard and draw but did not take anything.

Detective Constable Ed Shotton, of Worcester Police, said: “We are very keen to hear from anyone with information about any of these burglaries and the whereabouts of the stolen items. Some of them may not have a high monetary value but are of great sentimental value to the owners.

“Although all these homes were locked, we cannot stress strongly enough the need for people to be vigilant and to take every possible steps to secure their property and put keys out of sight.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.