EVERBODY needs good neighbours, and in Pershore, a man has been rewarded for his efforts, helped by his late wife, in looking out for those around them.

Ivan Easterbrook, who lives in Roland Rutter Court, received the Good Neighbour award on behalf of himself and his wife Christine, who died in October. The couple set up a fortnightly luncheon club, ran a film club and gave vegetables from their allotment to neighbours.

Rolland Rutter Court manager Linda Holland nominated the pair as part of the Spirit of Housing 21 Awards, which is organised by Housing 21, owners of the court. She said: “Between them, Chris and Ivan brought life back to the court and got everyone joining in together.

“Christine, especially, was an amazing woman who put the court first despite her severe illness.

“She always wanted a trophy and was over the moon when she heard she and she and Ivan were finally going to get one. It’s just so sad she wasn’t around to receive it.”