FOUL language used by Evesham’s Mayor would be “better suited on the stage of the Jeremy Kyle Show than local politics” according to a disgusted Journal reader.

Mayor Mark Goodge has come under fire for using some choice language on social media site Facebook to rebuke rumours about delays to work on the Abbey Bridge. On Saturday, January 4, at 6.35pm, Councillor Goodge posted that rumours bridge contractor Hochtief had gone bust were “b******s”.

But his comments were picked up by Peter Temple Fry, of Lavender Walk, Evesham, who said: “The language used by the so called leading townsperson is more worthy of the Jeremy Kyle Show.

“Someone sent it to me and they were disgusted.

I do not intend to make a formal complaint as I have found in the past that it is a waste of time.”

But despite receiving disapproval for his use of language Coun Goodge also received five ‘likes’ on his comment.

He called the complaint petty. “Facebook is informal and I am not speaking on there in my position as mayor but as myself,” he said. “I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be reasonably informal in my use of language on Facebook.

“I think the rumours about Hochtief going into administration are being spread deliberately by people trying to wind people up.”

The delays on the Abbey Bridge have sparked several rumours but Hochtief has now said the road across the bridge will re-open in the spring. Originally the road, closed in September, was due to reopen after 10 weeks in November but was delayed until late December and now has no fixed date.

A spokesman for the company also quashed a number of rumours including one that a skip lorry had mistakenly taken away and dumped a vital section of the bridge and another that the new bridge was nine inches too short. Traders in the town are still concerned about the delays.

Kim Dunn, who owns skating shop Bonk, has set up a Facebook group called Real Evesham, which is a group of business owners she hopes will meet soon to demand answers. “They have kept us in the dark. The feeling in Evesham is very hostile. I want to arrange a meeting,” she said. “The people don’t care which council is dealing with the bridge, the district council, the county council. The mayor is the representative of those groups.”

Coun Goodge said he would pass on information as and when he received it.