A COUPLE from Bidford will star in a new series of Channel 5’s Dangerous Drivers’ School.

Mike and Heather Gerrard, both heavily involved in charity work, see their car as a lifeline but recently they started to wonder whether they were still safe behind the wheel.

During a session with AA Driving School instructor Karen Parker, it becomes clear that Mr Gerrard, aged 77, chairman of Bidford Parish Council, is suffering from such limited movement in his neck that he cannot safely check his blind spots.

Without special mirror adaptations to their car, he should not be driving.

Mrs Gerrard, 75, was also given help to make sure they stay safe and mobile in their old age.

Mr Gerrard said: “Since the session with Karen we have had the mirrors fitted to the car.

“It is something that takes a bit of getting used to but they have been a real help.

Both Heather and I still enjoy driving and find the car a very useful way of getting about.

“I hope other older drivers realise that they can still be independent and confident.”

He added: “Through our charity work we try to generally improve the confidence of older people.

“It is very important to still have the feeling of being adequate and being able to get yourself about.”

Driving instructor Ms Parker said: “Being able to drive has such a huge impact on quality of life and I hope that when people see the programme they are encouraged to get help if they need it, so they can stay as safe as possible for as long as possible on the road.”

First shown in 2011, the Channel 5 series shows driving instructors helping some of the UK’s worst qualified drivers change their ways.

Mike and Heather Gerrard will be on Dangerous Drivers’ School tonight at 8pm.