WORCESTERSHIRE MPs showed they had differing views on gay marriage when they voted as part of proposals to approve the new law on Tuesday.

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill received the backing of 400 MPs, with just 175 voting against – a majority of 225 votes.

Among those who supported it were Worcester MP Robin Walker and Mid-Worcestershire MP Peter Luff but it was not as clear cut for other county MPs with Harriett Baldwin, who represents West Worcestershire abstaining and Wyre Forest’s Mark Garnier voting against it.

Mrs Baldwin, who represents Pershore as part of her constituency, said: “I am aware that this change was not explicitly outlined in the manifesto on which I stood for election and many constituents have contacted me with a range of questions and objections. Some questions remain unanswered by the Bill in its current form.”

The Bill specifies that the Church of England will be banned from offering same-sex marriages, but allows any other religious groups to “opt in” and hold one.

It will now go to a committee in the House of Commons which will be charged with scrutinising it and can make amendments.

It will then go for a third and final reading in the commons where MPs will be asked to look at any changes before it goes to the House of Lords. The Lords can sent it back to the Commons for further revisions but if it is backed, it then goes on to become law.

􀁥 The decision attracted many comments to the Journal website, with people showing that opinion is split on the issue.

Gillian1961: “They will not let women bishops in church but will allow gay marriages. What is the world coming to.”

19joshua87: “And finally we can start to embrace the future instead of burrowing our heads in the past.”

TDH123: “Robin Walker will NOT be having my vote again!”

Pinkfluff: “At long last a step in the right direction!

I am very happy.”