BUSINESSES are being urged to back a new tourism campaign which will blend vintage with traditional sightseeing in the Cotswolds.

New for the 2013 season, Cotswolds ‘Vintage & Modern’ trails will soon be available both in leaflet form and online and will help visitors to explore many of the region’s villages, cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops.

Aimed at making a journey around the Cotswolds a ‘pleasurable pursuit with a purpose’, four trails will do the hard work for anyone who wants to uncover some hidden sightseeing and retail gems in one of the nation’s best-loved regions.

Cotswolds Tourism is now encouraging local businesses such as vintage retailers, retro clothing shops and antique centres to benefit from the campaign, which is set to launch in the Spring.

Chris Dee, tourism manager at GFirst said: “Vintage & Modern is a new idea, a first for the Cotswolds and part of our ongoing aim to increase visitor spend.

“We think that it’s a winner for the UK market, but we have also been very encouraged by the reaction in places such as The Netherlands and Germany.

“It seems that the British ‘vintage’ image is very closely linked to Royalty and even taps into the nostalgic ‘warm glow’ that Britain achieved through its Olympic opening ceremony.

“Now we’re looking for businesses to join the campaign and get involved.”

Cotswold businesses interested in the campaign should call Cotswolds Tourism on 01452-328302 or email