WASTE collections have finally resumed in the Cotswolds after more than a week of rubbish building up.

Cotswold District Council's waste service provider, Ubico Ltd, resumed collections yesterday after cancellations to the service due to severe wintry weather.

To catch up on the backlog of missed collections, crews will pick up any additional waste accumulated at the next scheduled collection, as long as it is bagged up and placed alongside wheeled bins.

The next scheduled collections are:

SOUTH Zone Collection Day

Collection due

Monday 28th Jan Food / Garden

Tuesday 29th Jan Food / Garden

Wednesday 30th Jan Food / Garden T

hursday 31st Jan Food / Garden

Friday 1st Feb Food / Garden

Monday 4th Feb Everything

Tuesday 5th Feb Everything

Wednesday 6th Feb Everything

Thursday 7th Feb Everything

Friday 8th Feb Everything

NORTH Zone Collection Day

Collection due

Monday 28th Jan Everything

Tuesday 29th Jan Everything

Wednesday 30th Jan Everything

Thursday 31st Jan Everything

Friday 1st Feb Everything

Monday 4th Feb Food/Garden

Tuesday 5th Feb Food/Garden

Wednesday 6th Feb Food/Garden

Thursday 7th Feb Food/Garden

Friday 8th Feb Food/Garden

To find your Collection Zone follow the link to access the Collection Round Zoning Map cotswold.gov.uk/nqcontent.cfm?a_id=4425