A lottery winner's luck ran out when he wrote off his £100,000 black Bentley Continental after he tried to drive through a flooded road.

Robert Johnson, aged 65, splashed out on the brand new motor three years ago after he scooped the £5 million lottery jackpot in 2008.

But Robert was forced to ditch his "pride and joy" when he drove through flood water in Tewkesbury yesterday.

Wealthy management consultant and landowner Robert was driving along a country lane on the outskirts of the town when his car was swamped by 3ft of water after a stream burst its banks.

Grandfather-of-one Robert rang the AA and a rescue truck arrived but was unable to tow the car to dry land because Bentley's can only be towed from the front.

Rising flood water meant the AA truck was unable to reach the car - forcing Robert to leave it to the mercy of the floods.

Bernard Robinson, who has been friends with Robert for 30 years, said: "Robert was on his way to see me for a business meeting when he got stuck. "He rang me and said 'I can't see you today because I've wrecked my car in the bloody floods'.

"He's driven down that road, even when it was flooded, hundreds of times before. He obviously misjudged how deep it was and when he pressed the accelerator the wheels just span and the car started to float off.

"Apparently water was gushing through the bottom of the car but he managed to open the door and wade to safety. "He is gutted, he loved that car. It was his pride and joy."

Robert, from Hereford, won the jackpot but refused to go public with his winnings.

Pal Bernard added: "Even though he's a lottery winner he's still working. He's got three ex-wives and four children, so he's got responsibilities.

"Robert also has a 1940 Land Rover with a snorkel which he probably thought he was driving when he went through the floods."

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