A WINTRY snap will hit Worcestershire this weekend with sub-zero temperatures and showers following the recent deluge.

Brisk northerly winds, overnight frosts and wintry showers coming over tomorrow and into Sunday will make it feel a lot colder.

Forecasters are predicting a scattering of showers tomorrow and Sunday but with a chance of sleet and snow over higher ground.

During the day temperatures will be between three and five degrees Celsius - but will feel a lot colder in the wind - then drop to below freezing at night.

Paul Michaelwaite, forecaster for netweather.tv in Pershore, said: “I wouldn’t rule out a snow flurry but it won’t be anything too significant.

“It’s going to be feeling cold next week into Monday with rain coming in. For the first half of the week it’s looking unsettled and on the cold side.”

Meanwhile, freezing conditions and wet roads are being blamed for two collisions in the county.

Ice, as a result of the recent whether and drop in temperature, is thought to have caused a car to overturn on School Road, Hanbury, at 9.20am on Thursday when the road was covered in ice due to water running off a neighbouring field.

In Sheriff’s Lench, Pershore, at 9.45am, on Thursday, a car skidded and ended up in a ditch when there was ice on the road.

Now as visitors flock to Worcester for the Victorian Christmas Fayre this weekend the police are urging the public to find alternative ways of making their way into the city centre other than driving.

Sergeant Matt Hooley, who is the planning officer for South Worcestershire, is concerned driving conditions and busy roads could lead to serious problems.

He said: “The predicted freezing temperatures could aggravate matters and even a minor collision on a main route into Worcester could cause serious problems.”

The Highways Department are working hard to grit roads while still dealing with a large volume of highway drainage and flooding enquiries that have arisen during the past week.