EVESHAM has become the first town in the country to launch an ‘interactive tourism trail’ to bring the past to life.

The new trail allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to hold up the device to any of 10 landmarks in the town which then prompts a medieval monk to pop up onto the screen. The fictional monk, named Brother Oswald and acted by Tony Whiting, then speaks about the history of the site.

Tourism trail cards listing the attractions, including the statue of Eof and the old bank, are available for free at the Almonry Museum, which is the starting point. The trail is expected to become a blueprint for other towns to follow.

The trail was masterminded and created by Mick Hurst of Areca Design, an Evesham marketing agency, along with local cameraman and 3D animator, Andre Grout.

Mr Hurst said: “I was trying to think of a creative way to encourage visitors. Evesham is a tourism destination steeped in history and this brings it to life and creates an engaging, unique and fun experience.”