HUNDREDS of villagers determined to stop large-scale housing development in Broadway attended a meeting on Tuesday.

The event, arranged by the Save Broadway Campaign group, welcomed about 300 people into a packed Lifford Hall, all keen to find out how they can prevent future development in the village.

The group has been set up after Broadway people became concerned about proposals in the South Worcestershire Development Plan to allocate land off Averill Close, Station Road and Leamington Road as possible sites for up to 350 homes by 2030.

Chairman of the group, Gordon Franks, said they needed to raise 100,000 signatures to get their case to scrap the plans to be discussed in Parliament.

“The threat is very real,” he said: “We must not be apologetic in highlighting the potential damage to this quintessential Cotswold village.

“On a practical level we are determined the Leedon Park homes, which are permanent homes, are recognised as part of our population. It is about meeting the needs of the village.”

The campaign group now intends to begin a housing needs survey in the village to determine what development, if any, is required.

Barry Parmenter, Wychavon District Council member for Broadway, said he would support the wishes of the village but added it was important to have the SWDP in place as the district, which does not have a fiveyear land supply, is ‘wide open to development’.

Another campaign member, Eddie Vickers, said the next step was to get people to sign their petition and help save Broadway for future generations.

Speaking after the meeting, Sally Clarke, of Sandscroft Avenue, said she had witnessed a change in the village during her lifetime and did not believe an additional 350 houses was sustainable.

“The flooding problem has been huge in the past six years and this is the first time I have known it like this in mine and my parents’ lifetime.

“The developments are not necessarily going to be for local people or families.”

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